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Here at Anton Podiatry Services we provide Podiatry treatment for a variety of conditions, many of which require unique assessments. Whether you have foot, leg or knee pain, reduced mobility caused by foot pain, or are an athlete looking to improve your performance, there is a treatment that will help. The latest techniques and technology are used to ensure you receive the most up-to-date and evidenced based treatments.

ROUTINE NAIL CARE AND Chiropody Treatments

Sometimes it can be difficult getting down removing any hard skin build up or cutting toe nails.
When this happens a visit to Anton Podiatry Services can help by simply leaving it to the specialist. Not only will any discomfort be relieved on the day but our objective is to enable each patient to live a happy and mobile life every day.


Corns are an intense build up of tissue somewhere on the sole of the foot or between the toes. Corns can be extremely painful and debilitating and the same can be said for the build up of hard skin or callus.
Both these conditions need not cause discomfort or pain and at Anton Podiatry Services we aim to relieve the symptoms as quickly as possible. Usually, one consultation is all that’s needed to enable the patient to leave the clinic pain free to continue their daily activities.

Fungal Nails

The thickening and discolouration of toe nails may be a sign of fungal infection. Diagnosis of this condition can be difficult but Anton Podiatry Services can help you get a diagnosis confirmation.
Treatment of fungal nail infections can take several forms. Usually, infected nails require treatment to improve the aesthetic appearance followed by continuing management advice which may include medication. Fungal nail infections can easily spread from toe to toe and professional advice from Anton Podiatry relating to the most appropriate treatment method is advised to resolve such infection

Heel Pain/Plantar Fascilitis

Plantar fasciitis symptoms are characterised by a sharp, often burning type pain localised in the inner heel area of the foot (or feet). The pain is often worse first thing in the morning when standing or following exercise.
This debilitating and painful condition requires consulation followed by the development of an individualised treatment plan.
Pain relief management or orthotic requirements are possible treatment options.


An in growing toe nail can become a problem at any age from childhood to senior years. This painful condition may become inflamed or infected and requires expert treatment to permanently resolve this debilitating situation. Conservative treatment may be possible with one simple consultation. However, sometimes a more permanent and long term form of surgical treatment may be required. At Anton Podiatry Services the latest minimally invasive surgical procedure is available under local anaesthetic to resolve this painful situation.


Verrucas are usually located on the sole of the foot as a single, sometimes painful outbreak. They are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which our immune systems are unable to recognise and therefore destroy. The HPV virus can sometimes resolve when left untreated. However, the spread and development of a cluster or mosaic verruca formation is always a possibility alongside the risk of the virus spreading to other family members.
A consultation at Anton Podiatry Services can explore the best treatment options for each patient. The long term verruca management and verruca removal in the shortest time scale is always our objective.

Biomechanic Assessment

Biomechanics is how your body moves and how your lower limbs and foot affect the rest of your body.
It is important that your feet are in good working order; otherwise you will feel aches and pains in your feet and other areas of your body (such as knees, hips and back).
Biomechanical assessment is carried out to determine the reason for discomfort or pain e.g. foot or spine. However, you don’t have to have a problem before you have an assessment – sometimes a biomechanical check up at Anton Podiatry Services is a good idea to help identify problems early.
At Anton Podiatry Services the Podiatrist / Chiropodist will discuss your symptoms with you and carry out a physical assessment. The assessment involves looking at the way you stand and walk, checking the joints and muscles, assessing your footwear and lifestyle.
Orthotics or Insoles can help reduce numerous foot related problems such as Heel Pain, Fallen/High Arches, Sports Injuries, Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, and Bunions & Calluses. Problem feet can also cause issues higher up the body’s kinetic chain. Knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain and even migraine.

Mortons Neuroma

Neuroma can often cause a burning / throbbing pain within the forefoot area, often radiating to the toes with associated tingling or numbness. This condition can make walking / mobility extremely painful and debilitating.
Morton’s neuroma is a benign thickening of the tissue around a nerve in your foot usually between the third and fourth metatarsals (the bones in the forefoot behind your toes) but can also occur between the second and third. Pain and discomfort will increase with continued repetitive high impact activity or anything that will compress or irritate the nerve. There are no visible signs of a Neuroma but on examination a ‘click’ may be felt between the metatarsal bones and can aid diagnosis.
At Anton Podiatry Services the various treatment options are always explored to ensure a
swift relief of the discomfort and a return to normal mobility. Conservative treatments such as footwear adaptations and the use of insoles to relieve the pressure between the metatarsals can often help.

Diabetic Foot Care and Reviews

A bunion (hallux valgus) is a painful area beneath the base of the big toe joint. Often the bones in this area project inwards and can be very painful. In addition there may be thickening of the skin and tissues adjacent to the affected joint that can become swollen, red and inflamed.
Bunions have several causes but often a hereditary factor plays a significant role in their development. Anton Podiatry Services can provide help and advice to relieve the discomfort caused by this condition. Simple treatment options are available to improve your quality of life.

Foot Health Check


This is a similar concept to a ‘dental check up’. Your podiatrist will perform an assessment of your circulation, neurological status, general foot health and footwear. We will provide you with advice for self care and if necessary advise you on any treatment that may be required to ensure your feet remain healthy and in ‘good working order’.

Diabetes Check up/Screening


Guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) indicates that people with diabetes should have a full diabetic foot assessment and screening once per year. This involves assessing the vascular supply, neurological status, skin and nail condition, structural alignment, footwear assessment and risk classification.

Diabetes complications in the foot can have serious consequences and regular assessment is an integral part of prevention. Anton Podiatry Services provides this important assessment for all diabetic patients. Following the diabetic assessment on–going advice and suggestions can help ensure your feet remain as healthy as possible. Simply contact the clinic for a diabetes assessment or screening consultation appointment.

For further information about how Diabetes can impact on your feet please visit the Diabetes UK website


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